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  • Double sized togasashi 2

This blend is used throughout Japan as a table condiment, occupying much the same place that salt and pepper do in the American household. Togarashi has a special affinity for Japanese noodles and soups, but can also perk up fish, poultry and beef. We love it on spinach sautéed in a touch of sesame oil. Contains Korean chile, orange peel, seaweed, ginger, poppy seeds, and sesame seeds. 

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Deb Adair
5 months ago

This would be excellent in stir fried rice. You could add this to your dough when making quiche or even added to your homemade whole wheat bread or bread sticks. The possibilities are endless...

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Connie Akers
8 months ago

Sprinkle on popcorn!

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Korean Chile, Orange, Poppy, Black Sesame, White Sesame, Paprika, Seaweed, and Ginger
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