Classic Crab

House Blend
  • Double sized classic crab


Crab boils are a summer standard up and down the Eastern Seaboard. Recipes vary- Carolinians swear by extra hot sauce, while Maryland residents sneak a little beer or vinegar in the boil water. Whichever way you choose, Classic Crab spice brings the necessary magic. Our freshly-ground mix features bright high notes of bay leaf and cardamom, all warmed up with celery seed and a hint of clove. 


Classic Crab makes a wonderful sprinlkle on grilled, buttery corn- or a tasty peasoning for popcorn or potato saled. We are also happy to share our recipe for Classic Crabcakes

Kosher Salt, Paprika - Hungarian, Celery Seed, Cayenne - Indian, Mace, Ginger - Powder, Cinnamon - Cassia Indonesian, Bay Leaf - Turkish, Allspice Berry, Peppercorn - Black - Tellicherry, Mustard Seed - Yellow, Cardamom Seed, and Cloves
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